chakra The Energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!

The art of laying on of hands is as old as the hills. People have been doing it since the beginning of time. It is a natural instinct to put your hands on somebody who has been injured or is not well. Mothers are one example of this. When a child is hurt mothers often out their hands on the injured spot. Human touch conveys healing care and love. This energy is known by many names. Chi in China, Prana in India, Ruach by the Hebrews and Reiki by the Japanese.

In 1998 an amazing new energy was brought to this world from St. Germaine (the source of Reiki) through a master teacher: Hari Das Melchizedek.  Because of all the work people on earth have been doing to raise their frequencies, St. Germaine was able to send this very high vibration through to us.

Shambhala is the energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which comes through your heart chakra to help you heal yourself and others. The healing abilities you acquire when you are taught Shambhala are only a by-product. The major purpose of these activations and initiations is your own personal evolution and self empowerment through LOVE of self and ALL. It is a way of facilitating wholeness and freedom. An attunement into Shambhala connects you with your I AM presence and it connects you with the Shambhala City of Light and the collective consciousness of all the Ascended Masters.

An additional benefit of Shambhala is that it works with an energy called the Mahatma. The Mahatma is your Divine self. Your Divine self experiences all life as one. Therefore, when you work with the Mahatma energy for your own healing or that of others, all of life benefits. Each time you work with Shambhala and open to being a healing presence in the world, you automatically assist others in doing likewise. You are able to physically hold higher vibrational energies and anchor these energies into the Earth plane. By bringing Shambhala into your life you allow more healing love energy to come into the world. You become part of the solution to world peace and prosperity.

Shambhala Multidimensional Healing works to balance your whole self on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  The methods and energies of Shambhala Multidimensional Healing is similar to Reiki. It has been called “The Complete System of Reiki” because it includes 352 symbols in the entirety, not all of which have yet been channeled. There are currently 43 known active symbols and more being channeled all the time.Like Reiki it does not work to heal a specific condition, though it can speed the healing process and leave you with a sense of calm and well being.

Because Shambhala is combined with Reiki, it is taught as a healing modality. This makes it very easy to learn and use. However, what is most important about Shambhala is that it is a way of living in harmony, love, light with yourself and all life.

The preparatory work has been done within the Earth Templates to hold the Shambhala [MDH] frequency and the time is now to open up the crystalline matrices within the human energy field to receive this frequency.” – Initiations into the Diamond Frequency of Shambhala [MDH]

What is Shambhala?
It is an extension of the Reiki energy of Love.
It is a gift from God/Creator.
In receiving Shambhala attunements you receive access
to this energy in a very powerful way.
As the energy is channeled into the body,
blockages are cleared and healing takes place,
for all four bodies – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.
You are also able to send energy for healing long distance.
The Shambhala energies are healing the World!
The healing benefits of Shambhala Multidimensional Healing

-Shambhala supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally while respecting your own body’s time frame.

- There is a re-energizing of the body and soul and this can re-establish a  connection to many areas of your life.

- Shambhala promotes well being on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

- It loosens up any blocked energy and cleanses the body of toxins which also encourages healing.

- It adjusts to meet your needs so you will always receive the amount that is just right for you.

- It is good for stress reduction and for releasing addictions.

- Shambhala is for everyone; it cannot cause any harm since it is a very gentle healing force.

Shambhala Workshops are available on an ongoing basis.

Please contact Dechen for classes dates and times.

Shambhala Multidimensional Energy Healing is a type of energy healing in which Chi is channeled into someone or something living to help them balance and heal.

Shambhala is the energy of Love.  Open to the gift of the heart and bring in healing energy not only for yourself and others, but for the World.

prwhbl1 The Energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!